On the Heath

The Heath has many different users - and the conservation volunteers, with the working parties during the week and weekends, help maintain the Heath for everyone.

It has a very long history and variety of usage. The site was ploughed during WWII and since then, the heath has had a more open character, as remembered by older members of the surrounding community.

Rights of way
There are no public rights of way on the common, but there is open access throughout the Heath, and some are more heavily used than others, with people generally keeping to the paths and open areas, avoiding the dense scrub and bracken.

The winter working groups and Tuesday groups aim to re-establish the heather and to keep areas open, free of dense vegetation and the encroaching scrub.

volunteers The volunteers range from 14-15 year old Duke of Edinburgh students up to (and beyond!) 70 year olds - newcomers are always welcome. The work parties are fun and even if it’s raining we usually manage to light a fire to keep warm and to burn the cut vegetation.

Weekend work parties are only held during the winter months of October to end February, but the Tuesday afternoon groups work for most of the year carrying out amenity work as well as conservation. It is best to contact the warden on 07842 110051 the first time you wish to join on a Tuesday afternoon.

There have been specific projects, including the Stream Restoration Project.

See the Work Parties page for the latest Work Party dates.
Health Walks
Health Walks on the Heath - for the young at heart, and for the young!

Wednesday morning, 10.30am, cars pull in to the car park and their occupants pour out, put on their walking boots, ready to enjoy an hour's gentle but brisk exercise exploring the paths round Tiptree Heath.

walk4health Tiptree Heath Health Walks are held weekly, as part of the national Walking for Health scheme, administered by The Ramblers Association and Macmillan. They are held every Wednesday, meeting at 10.30am at the car park on Tiptree Heath. Walks are up to 2 miles, go on different routes round the heath each week, last for most of an hour, and are followed by a friendly coffee at the Ship Inn just down the road.
It is rare that a walk is cancelled, and walkers should be prepared for weather conditions and possibly a few muddy wet paths in mid-winter.

The aim of the Health Walks is to encourage people who are either recovering from illness or reluctant to walk alone to take exercise to keep themselves fit. Our membership is mainly the over 50s, although we do enjoy the company of young people during the school holidays.
Summer Holiday Activity Morning
The education volunteers of the Heath join in with the Tiptree Library Staff to lead outdoor activities relating to the summer holiday reading theme of the year of Essex County Libraries. Booking is essential for these mornings to make sure there is enough equipment and refreshment for everyone.

Please wear clothes that are suitable for the weather on the day. There is usually a requested donation of £2.50 per child, or £5 for a family, and adults come free!
Walkers and other users
The variety of walkers on the heath may be involved in the following activities:
  • Dog walkers
  • Walkers, ramblers and joggers
  • Orienteering groups
  • Bird watching and nature study
  • Duke of Edinburgh award scheme
  • Schools and Colleges
Horse Riders and Dogs
There are a number of bridle paths provided for horse riders.

The Tiptree Equestrain Centre (TEC) has worked with the Heath Management and strongly advises that horse riders do not canter or gallop on the Heath, making control by the rider difficult. This could provoke a dangerous situation in the presence of walkers and dogs.

Likewise, dog owners must ensure that they are in control of their animals, and when there are riders on the Heath it is advised that dogs be on leads. This way everyone can enjoy their time on the Heath.

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