Edible and Poisonious Fungi

Penny Buns, Bloodstained Brackets and Shaggy Parasols are just some of the fungi that grow on the Heath.

Since 2005 Ian Rose from Colchester Natural History Society had led an annual fungus foray on the heath which was always a very popular event. Sadly Ian died in 2016, and Sarah Manning has now agreed to take on the leadership role and her first walk with us will be in October 2017.

Fungi are the fruits of underground plants and the roots send threads to the soil surface where they burst into fruit when they reach air. They are very short lived and the edible ones should be eaten within 24 hours of appearing as grubs and worms will probably enter them by then. The fungi forays dont damage the fungi as its only the fruits are picked.

There are many species of fungi on the Heath and while some are edible, many are not and therefore none should be picked without expert advice.
And as the saying goes: All fungi are edible... some only once.

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