There a wide variety of invertebrates on the Heath, the notable species are:
  • Diving beetles can be found in the pond
  • Bees, wasps and ants across the Heath, including mining bees and wasps. You can see evidence of them in summer and autumn by their tiny holes in the dry dusty paths.
  • A range of dragonflies and damselflies
  • The Minotaur Beetle, again widespread across the Heath. Its name is derived from the maze of tunnels it creates to house its larvae. These large dung beetles (slightly smaller than a stag beetle) are seen from time to time carrying rabbit droppings in their front legs and taking them down the holes which are made to fit the droppings.
  • Crickets and grasshoppers (Orthoptera), and in particular Roesel's bush-cricket and the mottled grasshopper
  • Butterflies, including the Comma, the Essex Skipper and the Gatekeeper

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